Collect Experiences, Not Stuff

Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash

During my trip to Macau in 2019, I visited the Macau Tower. From 233m above sea level, it offers a stunning view of Macau and a spectacular 360-degree experience. On the 61st floor of the tower, is the tallest bungee jumping platform in the Guinness World Record. Jumpers leap from a platform 233m high and experience the ultimate free fall.

In the observation deck, what caught my attention was a poster that read, “Collect experiences, Not stuff.”

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This is so rightly said. Moments and experiences are priceless. It isn’t easy to put a numerical value on experiences and memories. But they can snap you out of boredom and, at times, help you cheer up when you are feeling low.

Some experiences teach us how to conquer fear. It can help boost our confidence and make us aware of our capabilities.

It just takes your breath away watching the daredevils bungee jump from the top tower and free fall past the observation deck window.

Photo from author's album

While I did not dare to do the bungee jump, I did walk the 360-degree observation deck to get an unobstructed view of Macau. You can see right up to Hong Kong.

These experiences were more precious than any shopping I did in Macau and Hong Kong. It gave me more happiness than I could have ever imagined.

When I returned home, my family was more interested to hear about my experiences than knowing about what items I had shopped for.

The joy and thrill of purchasing an expensive item like a car or electronic gadget are always short-lived. Spending money on going out and having a good time with family and friends or travelling will give you lasting happiness.

Art Buchwald rightly said, “The best things in life aren’t things”.

In December, I decided to renovate my apartment. In the process, I gave away many things that were not used in the last five years. Clothes, kitchen items, electronic gadgets, and furniture were donated to the school for the blind. We purged out everything which was not needed but could be used by someone who needed it the most.

When I decide to buy something, I delay decision-making and see if I can do without it, unless it is an experience that can create memories.

Last year I signed up to learn to play the piano. After a gap of three decades, I took up fabric painting and painted some beautiful sarees and dresses that I gifted to my relatives and friends. After decades I experienced the joy of learning something new and picking up a hobby I was passionate about during school days.

We must be open to experiencing new things in our personal and professional lives. Straying outside our comfort zone will help in experiencing new things in life. It helps to create memories that last lifelong.

Good memories are like charms…Each is special. You collect them, one by one, until one day you look back and discover they make a long, colourful bracelet.— James Patterson



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Shubha Apte

Executive Coach & Management Consultant. I write about Self development, Travel, Life and share my experiences from the corporate world.